If there are no limits to the rent fee, finding a room may be the easiest thing. But with the demands of "a room near the station," "newly built," "facing south," "in the city," "bigger rooms," etc. usually requires higher rent fee. On below are the tips in finding a room that best suits you.

Deciding Priorities

Prioritize the demands for selecting the room. By doing this the agent will be able to help you find the appropriate room efficiently.

On below are the list of the basic conditions.

1. Budget Setting

(A) Maximum Monthly Rent Fee
25% to 30% of the monthly income is advisable.

(B) Front-End Payment
Six months rent fee is necessary when signing the contract. If you cannot afford it, it is better for you to find the apartment where deposit and key money are relatively cheaper.

2. Area

(A) Commuting Area
Know the time spent commuting when selecting the apartment. Since most of the offices are located in the city, the rent fee in the area will be relatively higher.

(B) Along the Railroad Line
The popular apartments are usually along Yamanote, Marunouchi, and Ginza line which are relatively expensive. But by selecting the area along different railroad line, may lead to finding an affordable apartment, and not increasing the time spent for commuting. Please contact us if you may have any questions.

3. Layout and Structure

(A) Room Layout
This varies if you are living by yourself or not. If you are living by yourself one room type apartments, 1K, 1DK, and 1LDK are the common types of rooms. If there are two persons 2K, 2DK, and 2LDK are advisable. Some property owners may restrict the usage of the 1K room to only one person, but some owners may allow living with more than one person. Discuss it with the property owner.

(B) Structure of the Building
The building are usually constructed by timber, steel, reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete and steel, etc. Generally, the buildings are classified into apartment, cooperative apartment house, and mansion. The rent fees are usually higher for the mansion structured type.

(C) Year Built
The older buildings are relatively cheaper than the newly built buildings.

4. Features

(A) Security
The most common security will be automatically lockable door types. In addition, there are other security services such as intercom, security camera, concierge, etc.

(B) Delivery Box
This service takes care of keeping the parcels sent to you when you are away. This is convenient for those who are not home during the day time.

(C) Loft
Having a loft, allows more space for storage.

(D) Cooking Stove (electric or gas)
Cooking stove are usually run by electric or gas. Most of the electric stove today are very powerful. This can avoid the dangers of fire disasters.

(E) Bath Room Dryer System
The bath room has drying and heating system. Therefore, laundries can be dried in the bath room.

(F) Floor Heating
The floor has a heating system which keeps the room warm, without using other heating system.

(G) Others
Check for other features such as the types of kitchen, internet, cable TV, etc.

5. Others

(A) Location
Check to see whether there are convenient stores and grocery stores which are fundament to daily life.

(B) Living Above Ground Floor
It is advisable to live above ground floor because of the security and the amount of sunshine. The higher the floor, the more expensive the rent fee.

(C) Storage

(D) Separated Bath and Toilet

(E) Washing Machine

(F) Flooring

(G) Corner Room

(H) Elevator