For those who are considering a purchase of real estate.

There are many motives for purchase of real estate. Some of our customer purchase property for themselves to live in, and other customers purchase property for investment. Real estate investment has following advantages

1, Cash income

Real estate generates income in cash for you. It is believed that real estate is one of the most stable investments like stock investment.

2, Alternative method of pension

Many people purchase a condominium by utilizing a 20-30 year loan available from the banks and other lenders. When completing the final loan repayment, the income rent directly becomes income, which can be used as as alternative method of the retirement pension.

3, Tax saving

By utilizing loan and making debt, you may be able to save tax. There are various tax advantages in real estate investment.

4, Inheritance measures

There is no assessment reducing measures for cash and the unused land. In order to reduce the assessment, it is needed to lower the assessment of the inheritance. The methods for that purpose include land utilization, switching to the property in order to reduce cash and increasing liabilities by using a loan to purchase the property.

5, Wealth Building

In the age of low interest rates, many people are engaged in various types of investment instead of keeping deposits. Stock trading is difficult because it has high risk, but investment in property is stable. Investment with land is called “perpetual asset”. In addition, you can expect big profits as the land value increases.

You can purchase the property in cash, but utilizing loan is also available for people from overseas. Please consider purchase of property with land in this opportunity and do not hesitate doing that just because you are from overseas. We will find the best property for you. Please consult us.

For those who are considering selling your real estate.

About selling your real estate.

We will support you fully to sell your property or change properties with plentiful experiences and knowledge. Please consult us!

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